Monday, February 7, 2011

All You Magazine

If you've been to a Frugal Friends Class, then you know that we LOVE All You Magazine.  This is a monthly magazine that is filled with some great coupons and money saving articles.  You can only purchase All You at Walmart (approx $2.25 per issue) or you can take a subscription.  It always has several dollars worth of coupons and well worth the purchase price.  I just wanted to give all the parent's out there who have kiddos selling magazines or if you are receiving the packets in the mail to order from your favorite student (I've already gotten 2 in the last week:), you can order All You for a great price!  They are offering 24 issues for $22!! All schools I'm sure do not sell through the same company and prices will differ, but if you do have a child who normally does this for their school, be on the look out for a great deal on this super magazine.  And when you purchase a subscription, you will also be helping out your school too...which is a GREAT thing:)

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