Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CVS Shopping

It's a good week when Diet Dr. Pepper is on sale:)  Here's a look at my shopping trip from CVS. I did 2 transactions to maximize my ECB.  The retail cost of both were $23.56, I paid out of pocket $3.73 and got back $3 in ECB!!  A great way to use up your rewards at a store and lower your out of pocket expense is to break your items up into separate transactions.  On these items, I checked out the toothpaste and shampoo first because I knew it would generate the most ECBs.  Here's the way it all broke down:
Transaction #1
2 Herbal Essence Shampoos - $5.97
2 Colgate Toothpaste - $7.58
Total:  13.55
I used:
$1/1 Herbal Essence
1 FREE Herbal Essence deduct $2.99
.75/1 Colgate
.50/1 Colgate
$5 ECB from last week
Total:  $3.31
Got Back: $7.58 for Colgate and $2 for Shampoo

Transaction #2:
3 Diet Dr Pepper 12 packs - $10.00
I used the ECB from the previous transaction of $9.58 bringing my out of pocket to just .42!
Got Back $3 ECB

When you plan your shopping trips, try and check out the items that will gain you the most rewards first, then turn around and use them to pay for your second group of items to keep your out of pocket costs lower! 
Did you get any good finds at CVS this week??


  1. I bought (6)Gain dish soaps, (1) Colgate toothpaste, (1) 8-pk of Bounty for $4. AND I got almost $4 in rewards for next time!!

  2. Awesome!! That's basicaly FREE for everything you bought! Good Deal:)

  3. cvs:
    (6) boxes of puffs plus .88 each saved 1.11ea
    saved 6.66
    total spent: 5.60

    Rite aid:
    (2) colgate toothpastes:3.50 each +.75 mfc +$1.00 mfc = free + $1.75 after (+up=$7.00)
    (2) stayfree pads 3.99 each bogo 1/2 off + bogo free mfc= 3.99 for 2 and (+up= $2.00)
    Total spent: 10.02 (+$9.00 +up rewards)

    (2)bogo free pain relievers $2.67ea
    (2)bogo free 8pk dial soap bars $5.99ea
    plus i used 5.00 registar rewards from last week
    total spent: 4.18

    three stores total: 5.60+10.02+4.18=$19.80
    three stores saved:6.66+7.72+13.66=28.04
    Three stores rewards eaned: 9.00
    so if you apply the 9.00 10.80 for all!!!!!!

  4. Mindy, How great is that!! WOW you did a great job on all your frugal shopping. Isn't it so much fun!!