Monday, February 14, 2011

Frugal Shopping Trip

Here's my shopping trip from yesterday.  I hope to swing by CVS this afternoon and pick up a few things there, too.  The first picture is from Walgreens.  Retail was $22.47, I paid $10.47 and got back $9.00 in RR. So Final Cost:  $1.47!!

Now for Rite Aid.  Retail Cost of this trip was $46.00, I paid $5.46 and I got back $14.00 in +up Rewards. Not too bad:)  I do want to share with you all, in hopes of helping each of us realize that we do all make mistakes and mess ups when trying to "frugal shop" and it's ok.  I totally forgot to hand over 3 coupons that would have totalled $3.50 toward this transaction!  I was in a hurry and it happens to all of us:) I still think it was a pretty good deal (but $2.00 out of pocket would have been better haha!)

What did you get this week?? Leave a comment with your shops!


  1. I went to walgreens on 2/12 (carson's 3 month b-day)and i racked up on some good deals on diapers, wipes, baby wash, lotion and desitin!!!!! I purchased
    2 4oz desitin bogo 1/2 for 6.99
    2 9oz baby lotions bogo 1/2 for 2.99
    2 15oz baby wash bogo 1/2 for 4.29
    on the second transaction and used 6.00 worth of mfg plus walgreens sales price savings of 7.15 so i saved 13.15 on the baby products. I paid $16.67 with the taxes.

    Then i checked out a second time and bought over $25 wotrth of Huggies diapers and wipes to get $5 rr.

    I caught the diapers on sale for $8.99 each I bought:
    (2) $8.99 huggies size 3 (out of two's)
    (4) 2/$5 huggies wipes (72 count)
    then i used $5.75 in mfg coupons and i saved $5.96 for it being on sale at walgreens.
    I saved $11.71 on these products and paid $23.91 and racked up $5 RR.

    so that was
    2-big bags of diapers, 4-72 count wipes,
    2-desitin, 2-baby wash, and 2-baby lotions for $40.58. I saved $ 24.86 plus i still have $5 RR
    (if i had only known my store policy i could have used my rr on the products and saved 4 more dollars and saved 1 mfg coupon for next time oh well maybe i can catch them on sale again before it runs out.)
    love coupons i started my binder last night!!!!

  2. YAY Mindy!! Sounds like you had a great day of shopping and were able to score so awesome deals! Thanks for posting your shopping trip and thanks for following our blog:)