Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Mail Call!!

What came in your mail box this week?  Mine was not quite packed with freebies, but the ones that came were pretty good ones.  Here's a look...

Cosmetic Bag filled with samples and coupons from Target, Sample Dog Treat and coupon, Brush Set from Everyday with Rachel Ray.  Funny thing about the brushes, I sent in the offer for these before Christmas and really forgot about them.  Then yesterday I got a package in the mail containing the brushes.  When I sent in the rebate (buy one Aussie Hair Care product, get a FREE Brush Set) I thought since it was Rachel Ray it would be a pastry brush set!! So I was surprised and puzzled at the Hair Brush set that I received nearly 3 months after sending in the rebate!  It was just like Christmas!!!  What a great FREEBIE!!

What did you get this week in your mail box?? Leave a comment :)

1 comment:

  1. i got the sample bag from target too! i also got a 2 pack of heart post it notes, and a full size bottle of Mio water flavoring. :)