Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What can YOU Get for $5...Girls Day Out Edition!

This week's "What Can You Get for $5?" is a special Girls' Day Out Edition.  My Mom, Sister and myself headed out for a much needed day of shopping, food and fun and to see what we could get for $5.00!  Who says you can't have a day out on the town and do it Fabulously Frugal??  So Here's what I got for $5 this week!

A new pair of pants from Kohl's, 2 candles from Bath and Body Works, 2 Dental Flosses and a Secret Clinical Deodorant from Target. Cost:  $2.06

Lunch at Zaxby's, where I used my coupon for a FREE Meal!  See how to get one for yourself here.

A little treat and pick me up, Carmel Java Chiller from Sonic $2.59.  Final Cost for the day:  $4.65!!

A day out with two of my Best Friends....Priceless!

What did you get for $5 this week?  Leave a comment with your frugal finds!


  1. CVS - Contact solution, reg 9.99, Dentyne Gum reg 1.37, Cesar Dog Food reg .87, Used my extra care bucks from last time, cost me 1.38
    earned four more extra care bucks,
    bought a bag of Iams dog food reg. 7.99 paid a total of $5.93 for over $20 worth of items!

    Then went across the street to Speedway Gas Station where I took out my Speedy Rewards card and scanned it at the terminal to find that I could spend points and get a $20 gas card which I immediately used to top off my tank. What a fun trip for $5.93!!!

  2. WOW! I'm totally impressed at getting the gas for FREE!! It's suprising what fun you can have out on the town for $5 isn't it! Thanks for posting:)