Monday, April 25, 2011

FREE 5 Quart Bottle of Motor Oil After Rebate!!

Now here's a deal for all you "Frugal Fellas"!

I must admit that I do not know a whole lot about motor oil, but when a FREE deal comes along, then you know I MUST post it! :)  Head over here to print  your rebate form for a FREE 5 Quart Bottle of 5W-30 Bio Based Full Synthetic "green" motor oil!  What you will need to do is purchase a 5 Quart Bottle, mail the rebate form, UPC barcode and original receipt (no copies) to the address listed and you will receive your full purchase price of $26.00 back in a rebate!! This offer ends April 30 and it says on the form that this oil is sold at Walmart (not sure what other retailers). WOW!! 

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  1. "Frugal Fellas" there's an idea! ;) Maybe you should also start a blog for the guys! :)