Monday, April 4, 2011

Frugal Shopping Trip

So, I hit up all three stores yesterday on a little shopping trip and here are the results!!

First off is CVS:

The retail cost of this trip is $48.21, I paid out of pocket $18.21 and got back $10.50 ECB for a Final Cost of: $7.71!!  I broke this down into two transactions to lower my out of pocket and make better use of my ECB.  If you're headed out to CVS don't forget to take along this great $5 off $40 coupon I posted about here.

Next - Walgreens:

Retail Cost of the items pictured above is: $25.15, I paid out of Pocket $2.03 and I got back $1 RR.  I, again, did 2 transactions so I could use the RRs from the first to pay for the second.  This is a great way to minimize your out of pocket cost.

And Last but not least - Rite Aid:

With a Retail Cost of $46.15, I actually paid $18.65 and then I got back $21.98 in +up rewards AND a $10 Single Check Rebate!   Look for the Gillete Razor Travel Kits as they are working for the +up Rewards too. Take a look at this Candy Deal I posted about here to score yourself some great Easter basket fillers!

Total Retail Price of All Items: $119.51
I paid Out of Pocket:  $38.89
Then I got Back : $33.48 in Rewards and a $10 Rebate
Final Cost:  FREE + $4.59!!!!

*I did have some rewards that I used at each store from last week as well to bring the cost down to this amount.  That is the great thing about the rewards, once you start shopping and gain rewards, you use them the next week to buy other reward deals.  How great is THAT!!

What did you get this week?? Leave a comment with your shopping trips :)


  1. did you get the .50 color wonder at walgreens? by the time I got there tonight it was sold out! They said they restock on Saturdays so hopefully I can get it before the sale runs out!

  2. Yes I did get it at Walgreens! You can probably ask for a rain check if it doesn't come in on Saturday.

  3. Great job April! Kathy at my church was telling me about your blog last weekend.

  4. Thanks Debi! I love Bluegrass Savers! Thanks so much for the link up you do each week on your site. I love to see what everyone else got for the week!