Friday, April 15, 2011

Mail Call Friday!!

What did you get this week in your mailbox? I got a bunch of fun goodies this week (good thing because I didn't get a thing last week).  Here's a look at what I got:

I received FREE Coupons from International Delight Creamer + (5) .55/1 coupons, 2 FREE Coupons for Quaker Rice Snacks (Got these because I purchased a bag that wasn't sealed and they were stale.  Called the Customer Service Line and they were more than gracious enough to send some coupons for FREE Bags to replace the stale ones), Sample of Ocean Spray + coupon, Plackers Night Guard, Salonpas Patch, Dove Men + Care Sample deodorant and bodywash + coupons, Pyrex Potholder, and Coupon for FREE Jello Temptations (by the way these are super delicious:).

Leave a comment with what great FREEBIES you received this week!

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