Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kroger Mega Sale!!

So this Kroger post has been started and stopped and started again over the past several days...It seems just when I have a minute to work on it, something else comes up!  So, sorry it is so late...but here are a few items you can be on the look out for at Kroger this week.  Remember for the Mega Event, you must purchase 10 participating items and they you will receive $5.00 off your total at checkout.  Prices below reflect the discount.

Cap'n Crunch Cereal - $1.99
Use:  $2/3 from Pepisco Moments 5/1
Total cost for all Three: 3.97 or $1.32 each

Boulder Canyon Potato Chips - .99
Use: $1/1 from
Final Cost:  FREE

Quaker Rice Snacks - .79
Use:  .55/2 from Pepsico Moments 5/1
Final Cost:  $1.03 or .52 each
(we LOVE these at my house and thanks to my great pal Melinda, I was able to purchase 14 bags after she was nice enough to give me her coupons!)

Propel Fitness Water - .49
Use:  $1/2 from 2/13 SS
Final Cost:  FREE

Laughing Cow Cheese - $1.99
Use:  $1/2 from 4/3 SS (I think these were in the Courier Journal...another nice coupon that Melinda gave tome me)
Final Cost:  $2.98 or 1.49 each

Capri Sun or Kool Aid Jammers - $1.49

Weight Watchers Smart Ones Entrees - $1.38

Ragu Spaghetti Sauce - $1.24

Regular Sale Items

Ivory Body Wash - $1.00
Use:  $1/1 from 5/1 PG
Final Cost:  FREE
(Thanks Christy!)

Safeguard Bar Soap - $1.00
Use:  $1/1 from 5/1 PG
Final Cost:  FREE

Make sure to check out the Mega Event going on now.  There are lots of great sales on several different items.  I purchased 49 items today for only $47!!  Please, leave a comment with any other deals you see.

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  1. I went to Kroger today and had planned to buy 13 Nivea men's bodywash (they had tons on Nivea at Kroger on the bypass), 7 women's Nivea (I donated all these to WRECC to take to Tornado victims and lots more things that I have recently collected for FREE!), 6 packs of Always liners and 4 more small items. With the .50 overage from each bottle of Nivea, I only paid $1.62. So...I purchased 30 items for $1.62!!! Might be my "best" trip yet (as far as big purchase and cash spent versus having money tied up in Register Rewards etc) I had a JC Penney bag full of stuff from my home (non-perishable snacks, razors, t-paste, t-brushes bodywashes, deodorants etc.), plus my "score" at Kroger today which I was able to donate to WRECC! (and I had almost no money invested in it!!!) Good week to go Krogering!!! :)