Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What can YOU Get for $5? REALLY what can YOU get for five dollars!

So, I will admit that I am still in vacation/beach/LaLa Land and have barely left my house since we returned home.  My organization skills have seemed to continue being on vacation as well as my couponing!  So, this week I have absolutely nothing to post on the weekly "What can you get for $5?" . 

BUT, I know that you frugal friends are doing much better than I, and I am sure that you all have picked up some great five dollar finds in the past couple of weeks.  So, this week's What can you get for $5 is all about YOU! 

Please leave a post, picture or comment here or on the Frugal Friends Facebook Page with your great shopping trip.  I would LOVE to hear it and could desperately use a little motivation to get back on track!

Can't wait to hear about your deals :)


  1. i got 5 deodrants Suave, 4 safeguards soap, a bottle of All detergent and a Oscar Mayer lunchmeat combo(free with coupons and a snadwich combo from Oscar Mayer free with coupon all for $3.25 I think thats a pretty good deal
    Happy couponing Sheila Still

  2. That is a GREAT Deal Sheila! I just got my coupons for the FREE Oscar Mayer Lunch meat today. Can't wait to use them. Thanks for posting :)