Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What Can YOU Get for $5??

WOW!  Take a look at what I picked up for $5 this week!

I picked up these items at Walgreen's this week and after coupons and Register Rewards my final cost was $4.43.  Please notice that one of my Crunch bars are missing... :)  Also, on the same lines, this is a GREAT week to price match these candy bars at Walmart!  I picked up some Butterfinger bars at Walmart as well and was able to price match to Walgreen's price of .39 each.  Great Price.

Now, I bet you're wondering what I did with the other .57 of my $5.00 budget.  So here's what I picked up to finish out and make good use of my five dollars...

Yes, I did go over by 5 cents!  I actually paid 62 cents for the above items today at JC Penney's!  I picked up this great St. John's Bay Shirt, flip flops, sunglasses and even a pack of silly bands all for the grand total amount of 62 cents!!  This is a retail cost of $54.00!  All the items above were on sale and I, of course, had a coupon ($10/$25) then this week I received a $15 Discover Gift Card from Dove (several months ago there was a Facebook Offer for the first 4,500 people that signed up received a $15 Gift Card...and I got mine in the mail yesterday!) So after using my coupons and my FREE $15 Gift Card from Dove, and the GREAT sales that JCP had going on, I walked out paying 62 cents!!!

Great Day For Shopping! What did you get this week??

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  1. I have seen multiple people with the Crunch bars...I really think I'm going to get some tomorrow when I go to Kroger with my coupons! I have a few of the coupons already printed, so they should be free! I went to CVS on 6-13 and Kroger on 6-14. Have a great week! ~Lisa