Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Frugal Valentine's Day Ideas

Seems like we just finished Christmas and now another holiday is upon us! So, with Valentine's Day right around the corner, I thought it might be nice to hear some ideas that you may have for inexpensive Valentine's Day Gifts.  We all can use help with new and interesting (and frugal :) gift ideas to give to the sweeties in our lives.  Below are a few ideas that may be of interest to help make Cupid's day even more sweet and frugalicious!

*The past few weeks our papers have had several coupons for candy.  Take advantage of the sales the stores are having and the coupons to make for some super great deals on candy.  See my previous Rite Aid and Walgreens posts for deals.

*For your hubby, how about a gift basket with items that he uses everyday! Just this week, I can think of several FREE or almost FREE items you could package up into a cute basket or container for him.  In my Rite Aid Post here see how you can get a neat Gillette Razor travel set for .99 and Axe body spray for .75. Add some candy (that you bought with coupons of course) ;) maybe a magazine that he likes to read and he's all set for a great relaxing Valentine's Day!

*What better way to put to good use all of the FREE travel size items we get from Bath and Body Works, than for Valentine's Day!  Go here to print a coupon that you can use to get a FREE Travel Item with ANY purchase.  Package a couple of the $1.00 travel size items they usually have at the counter or some pocket bacs with an inexpensive hand towel or cozy pair of socks for great teacher gifts!

* Nothing says LOVE like homemade treats!!  Chocolates, cakes, candies, oh my!  You could never go wrong with making some sweets for your sweets.  Packaged into a cute tin or bag can make awesome gifts for co-workers, friends, and family.  (or even your favorite coupon blogger :)

*Last, but certainly not least, handwritten notes and cards are sadly becoming a lost art.  However, a more special gift could never be had than a homemade card from your kiddos, sweet handwritten note from your spouse, or just simply taking the time to tell someone how much you love and care for them.  Not just on Valentine's day, but EVERYDAY!! 

So now it's your turn!  Please leave a comment with your ideas for some frugal Valentine's Day Gifts.  I know there are a lot of creative readers out there with great ideas, so lets hear 'em!


  1. I like gifts of doing something for them (a massage or take out the garbage for them for a week, a candle light dinner) something that they would enjoy or a chore they could have a break from - and cost - $0 - these are the gifts I like the most too

  2. I like those type of gifts too! It's always nice to get a break from some chores! Great idea, thanks for posting:)