Monday, March 7, 2011

Frugal Shopping Trip!

As promised, here's a look at my shopping trip from yesterday.  The first picture is from Rite Aid.  Retail Cost is $34.39, I paid out of pocket: $1.46 PLUS I can submit for $11 in Single Check Rebates from Rite Aid AND I got back $2.88 in rewards!!! So the shopping trip was FREE + overage which makes me so happy:)

Next up is Walgreens!  Retail Cost of the items I purchased $26.94, I paid out of pocket: $3.96 and got back $10 in RR!!

One deal at Walgreens I did want to mention (I don't think that I have before) is the SoftSoap Body Wash.
Purchase 2/$7
Get a $5 RR
Final Cost:  $2/2 or $1 each!

What did you super frugal shoppers get this week?  Leave a comment with your trips, can't wait to hear them!


  1. I saved almost $25 at walmart this week!! Not near as frugal as these posts, but We were pretty happy!


  2. That is GREAT! $25 at Walmart is not an easy thing to do!! Awesome Job...Thanks for posting :)

  3. I've been feverishly clipping coupons, planning to do my match-up tomorrow. We've been renovating the kitchen and didn't want to add to the now I'm ready to coupon!

  4. Yay April! I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to shop this week and it's killing me!

  5. i cant wait to shop this week i have a great plan and can't wait to put it into action. if its a sucess ill score 30 items for about $60.00 and that will include 4 infants formulas that normally retail at $80.00 +. ill post again after i go shopping.

  6. i got almost everything i wanted, only out of 1 thing. i went to rite aid and walgreens. i spent 72.91 out of pocket and brought home 33 items. there are three items missing in the picture. 1 pediacare and 2 chocolates. I should have spent 235.82 if i had paid retail, and i saved 162.91. that's a savings of 69%. And i got 4lbs of simlac which would have cost 105.96 retail. sometimes i suprise myself. Plus i brought home $10.00 RR from walgreens.

  7. Great Deals Mindy! It's pretty nice when we amaze ourselves!!! :) Thanks for sharing!