Monday, March 7, 2011

Money Saving March Week 2 - Tips to Cut your Grocery Bill

This is week 2 in Money Saving March and I would like to share with you some ways to cut your grocery bill.  We could all use that right?!  If you missed today's segment on WBKO's MidDay Live, I shared several ways to help cut your cost of groceries.  If you would like to view the segment go here

As I talk about in the segment, use your coupons when they are most valuable to you.  When a store has a sale or you can combine a store coupon and manufacturer coupon and get items for rock bottom prices, THAT is the best time to buy.  Buy enough to last your family for about the next 8-10 weeks, that should get you to the next big sale.  Creating a small stockpile will allow you to save money by decreasing the need to purchase items at full price.

Buy cuts of meat when they are on sale and store in your freezer for upcoming meals.  Try to purchase your fresh produce in season which will keep you from paying a premium on out of season prices.

Meal plan!  A great way to cut your grocery expense is to meal plan and make a shopping list and stick to it.

Don't forget the drug stores have food, too!  Not a large variety, but they do have basics that you will be able to purchase using store and manafucturer coupons to increase your savings.

Shop stores that double coupons, load ecoupons, etc.  Take advantage of the incentives that the stores offer you.

Have any more tips?  Leave a comment,  I'd love to hear them!!

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