Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Money Saving March - Week 5: Maximize your Coupons!

This is the fifth and final week in the Money Saving March Series.  I hope that over the course of this past month, this series has given you some useful information to help you organize, save money and start or continue on your couponing journey!  This week let's talk about maximizing your coupons' value. 

Coupons are a GREAT thing any way you look at them.  What else gets delivered right to your door or your inbox that helps you save money each week? But did you know that you can maximize the value of the coupons and put them to work for you even more?  Here's how!

Try to keep in mind that just because you have a coupon and use it, doesn't always make for a great deal.  Try and use your coupons when the store is offering a sale, incentive, reward or offer making the item at an already low rock bottom price.  Then add your coupon. This will make for a much larger saving.  For example:

I had 4 Buy One Get One FREE Special K Cereal Coupons.  In itself, they were great coupons.  I could have taken them to Walmart or Kroger on any given day and payed about $3.00 for one box and got the other FREE.  Good deal right?  How about this...I saved this coupon until Rite Aid was having a Buy One Get One FREE Sale on Special K, used my BOGO FREE Coupon in combination with their sale and scored 8 boxes for totally FREE!! (I had 4 coupons) See how much better that scenario played out!  When you can wait and watch for a good deal to pair up your coupon and sale with a store, get the product and extremely low prices, then stock up!!  That way, you have a little flexibility as to waiting and holding on until a great sale comes along.

Next up, take full advantage of stores like Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS and Target allowing you to use their store coupon and a manufacturer coupon "stacked" on the same item.

This makes for awesome deals! This week, you could use the $2/1 Manufacture Coupon fro Loreal Hair Color AND the $6.99 Walgreens In Ad Coupon combined on one box making it $4.99! 

Also, remember that you can use coupons on items that are offering store rewards to make for great deals!  These offers are made by the stores for you to use.  So take full advantage and increase your savings by doing so! 

What tips do you have for maximizing coupons' values?

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