Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kraft First Taste - Another Offer?!? FREE Breakstone 100 Calorie Cottage Cheese Snacks!

WOW!! I just checked my Kraft First Taste account and had another great offer! Head over and log into your  Kraft First Taste account and check your offers to see if you have a Coupon for a FREE Breakstone 100 Calorie Cottage Cheese Snacks.  Kraft First Taste  sure has out-done itself lately with all these great offers!

If you're not a member of  Kraft First Taste, it is a great site where you can get FREE coupons for lots of new Kraft products.  Just recently I have been able to try Jello Temptations and Philly Cooking Creme for FREE!  And might I say that they are both super yummy :)  So head over to  Kraft First Taste and check it out!

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