Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Can You Get For $5??

Sorry....I'm a day late on "What Can You Get For $5?".  Better late than never, right?

 Ok, I know we are all way passed being ready for spring, AND all the cute shorts, capris and sandals are calling our name!  But, have you stopped to notice the magnificent clearance sales of winter items?  Now is a great time to buy for next season.  Items are deeply discounted sometimes up to 90% this time of year for winter merchandise.  Take a look at what I picked up a few weeks ago at Justice combining the clearance prices and my 40% off coupon....

I paid just under $5 for all the pieces you see here.  The dress, sweater, and blazer were only $1.43 each and the scarf was 49 cents!!! The regular price of these items (minus the scarf) was around $35 each (scarf was priced at $17).  You can't beat that!!  The best part is, when fall and winter returns (I'm not looking forward to that) then you won't have to pay full price for your items.  You can simply shop from your closet of clearance finds!! How great is that?!?

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